Ok I'm gonna ask again since no one answered me yet...PAIN AND PILLS...HELP?

Answer You need to see a doctor besides the ER doctor, so you can find the cause of the pain. The ER doctor is only treating the symptoms.

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I am using windows xp service pack 3 and since last one week my pc automatically restarting again and again.?

Dear aamirtrv,I had a lot of times to reinstall it before it was installed perfectly.De-install it and restart.Download it when not done and save it to the desktop at first.Disconnect to the intern... Read More »

Since my kids teeth are gonna fall out anyway, do I have to let them brush daily?

If you want your kids to find strangers on the internet to make out with (and really what kind of parent wouldn't?) then I'd recommend that you continue (or start) brushing them every day, two or t... Read More »

Are they ever gonna outlaw alcohol in th us again or change the drinking age?

it cant be oulawed in the usa again coz alcohol is taxed by " uncle sam " and revenues are generated ! however i doubt they will revise the legal drinking age !

I haven't had a period since my baby was born a year ago can i still get pregnant again?

You need to see your doctor to find out why you are not having your period, especially for a whole year, something else maybe going on that needs attention immediately.