Ok Folks, banning smoking in pubs - good or bad?

Answer Well the health arguments are moot BECAUSE no one forces nonsmokers to go into any privately owned building, whether as a patron or employee. This is simply one group of people seeking to force its... Read More »

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Is it a good or bad that smoking is going to be baned in pubs and clubs?

i think it sucks. if you do not like to be around smoke then go somewhere that has opted (not been forced) to be non-smoking.things are always done so bass ackwards in my opinion

Are you looking forward to the no smoking ban in pubs?

It only means more Cigarette butts on the streets. Hey, you just gotta get people to quit.

Should smoking be banned in bars and pubs?

In my opinion, YES. As a NON-SMOKER, I would like to be able to go into a bar & be able to relax with a drink or two without getting a migraine headache that I get when I am around smoke.I do, howe... Read More »

If they found a cure for lung cancer and heart disease, should they allow smoking back in pubs?

First of all, i'd like to say this question is purely opinion.And I say no. Because why would you go and get yourself sick just because you might be able to get better? Why would you want to go to ... Read More »