Oiling an Old Seth Thomas Metronome?

Answer A metronome is an object used in music that emits a timed series of ticks or beats. These ticks represent a fixed, regular pulse, or timing, for music. Originally used by musicians in the early 180... Read More »

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How many antique clock movements did Seth Thomas make?

The Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured thousands of high-quality clock movements in the early 19th century. Before his death, Seth Thomas personally designed at least 100 antique clock movement... Read More »

How do I tell if my chainsaw bar is oiling properly?

Periodically aim the tip of the blade at the end of a fresh cut or light object. Pull the throttle a couple time and see it you get oil splatters. No oil, check the oil reservoir.

Who invented the oiling device?

The oiling device, Elijah McCoy's revolutionary invention, automatically deposited oil into moving train parts. McCoy, an oilman for Michigan Central Railroad, knew firsthand the need for efficienc... Read More »

What is a metronome used for?

A manual or electric metronome produces an auditory tick that musicians can adjust to match the tempo called for in sheet music. Metronomes keep a steady pace, allowing a musician to adjust the spe... Read More »