Oil Requirements for an Audi TT?

Answer Priced at around $40,000 as of 2010, the Audi TT is a luxury two-door sports car that has extremely precise oil specifications. Replenishing the oil tank with anything other than what the manufactu... Read More »

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Audi Fuel Requirements?

Audi has been introducing Americans to solid German auto engineering since 1969. Today its cars use engines that contain impressive automotive technologies such as turbochargers, gasoline direct in... Read More »

Do DOD components and Agencies add their own requirements to the department's baseline requirements to ensure that security measures are effective for their unique missions and functions?

That would depend on the type of job, level of security clearance, level of authority, etc. For instance, FBI trainees typically make about $50k per year. Someone working in immigration might start... Read More »

OSHA Requirements on Footcandle Light Requirements?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government organization that sets regulations for the safety of employees at work. A foot-candle is the United States unit of measureme... Read More »

What's the difference between user requirements and performance requirements?

there is huge difference between the two "user requirements" User goals or tasks that users must be able to perform with a system, or statements of the user’s expectations of system quality."Perf... Read More »