Oil Recycling Plants?

Answer In the United States each year, automotive oil changes generate hundreds of millions of gallons of used motor oil. If improperly disposed of, used oil can pollute our lakes and rivers. To combat th... Read More »

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Grant Money for Oil & Wastewater Recycling Plants?

The federal government offers grants for the construction of new wastewater treatment works. This program is operated by the Environmental Protection Agency though its Office of Water. The program ... Read More »

Plastic Recycling Plants in the DFW Area, Texas?

Derived from non-renewable resources, plastics are used in making containers, household items and furniture. According to the EPA, in 2008 the U.S. generated about 30 million tons of plastic produ... Read More »

How much is a recycling bin?

Recycling bins range from about $15 for simple curbside bins to more than $150 for a trash can-size bin with lid and openings for bottles and cans. Most recycling bins are made of recycled plastic;... Read More »

LCD TV Recycling?

LCD televisions use technology that makes them challenging to recycle. While electronic stores will accept these televisions for recycling, most of the parts used in LCD TVs are not reusable. ... Read More »