Oil Leaking From the Bottom of an Old Maytag Washer?

Answer Oil leaks are usually not a good sign when it comes to washing machines, regardless of the brand you own. A washing machine that drips oil will usually require a major part replacement to keep it r... Read More »

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My Maytag A112 Washer Is Leaking As It Fills?

First available for sale in 1989, the Maytag A112 model is a top-loading washing machine. As you use your washer, it is not uncommon to encounter leaks. For a leak when the washer is filling, you d... Read More »

My Kenmore Heavy 70 Series Washer Is Leaking From the Bottom?

The Kenmore Heavy Series 70 washing machine should not leak when it’s running properly. If you discover water leaking from the bottom of the washer, there are several components to check for defe... Read More »

How to Fix a Leaking Maytag Drain Pump?

A puddle of water beneath your Maytag washing machine can be an indication of a leaking drain pump. The purpose of the drain pump is to pump out the used water inside the machine into the sewer sys... Read More »

Why won't Maytag Washer spin?

The motor runs in one direction to agitate, in the opposite direction to spin. If the reversing switch is bad, the brake will not release, the tub won't spin, and you may smell the belt getting hot... Read More »