Oil Gauge Instructions?

Answer Adding an aftermarket oil pressure gauge to a car is a good idea and not hard to install. Many new cars do not come with oil pressure gauges but instead rely on "idiot lights." These lights monito... Read More »

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Feeler Gauge Instructions?

Feeler gauges have multiple uses from automotive work to manufacturing. Many machinists use these types of gauges daily and a mechanic just cannot be without a set for tune ups. Whether you are loo... Read More »

Air Fuel Ratio Gauge Instructions?

An air fuel ratio gauge measures your car engine's air/fuel ratio. It helps your car reduce daily fuel consumption and emissions. Furthermore, the air fuel ratio gauge provides additional control a... Read More »

Caster & Camber Gauge Instructions?

The caster/camber gauge is used to measure the pitch of your car wheels. Caster angle is the angle both wheels have between the side of the wheel and the ground, which should be 90 degrees. The whe... Read More »

Sunpro Alternator Gauge Wiring Instructions?

Installing a Sunpro voltmeter in your vehicle will give you a quick, easy way to evaluate the health of your vehicle's charging system. The voltmeter connects to the alternator and will tell you, a... Read More »