Oil Filter Types?

Answer Oil filters work by directing a vehicle's oil through a filter into the engine. As the oil passes through it, the filter cleans the oil to remove any harmful particles or dirt. If the filter is wor... Read More »

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The '99 Mazda 626 Oil Filter Types?

The oil filter is one of the major parts of the lubrication system on the 1999 Mazda 626. As engine oil circulates through the lubrication system, the oil filter strains the oil for dirt, rust part... Read More »

Types of Filter Paper?

You use filter paper to filter solids out of liquids and air. Filter papers are not all made the same. Some filter paper must stay intact in liquids for days or months. Other filter papers must sur... Read More »

Different Types of Oil Filter Designs?

Oil filters have come a long way over the years. Engines were originally designed without an oil filter, but filters were needed when pressure lubrication was developed for the engine. On its surfa... Read More »

Fuel Filter Types?

Fuel filters serve much the same purpose as oil and air filters, but they are specifically designed to protect your vehicle's gas tank, fuel lines and fuel injector or carburetor.