Oil Filter Definition?

Answer An oil filter is an automobile component that is used to remove impurities and undesired components from the oil that flows through an internal-combustion engine. The oil is necessary to lubricate ... Read More »

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What is the definition for pop filter?

A pop filter is a cloth mesh placed in front of a recording microphone to stop the expulsion of air when a singer makes a "P" sound. The forced air can create a loud popping noise in a recording, w... Read More »

Definition of a Neutral Density Filter?

A neutral density filter is a colorless or gray filter that fist on a camera lens. It reduces and modifies the wavelengths of color that enter the camera lens without changing the hue. A neutral de... Read More »

What is the definition for a polarizing filter?

A polarizing filter is a specialized lens that is screwed onto a camera lens. It has a variety of functions, chiefly to eliminate glare and reflections during photography. Polarizing filters can a... Read More »

Does the use of diatomaceous earth in a sand filter destroy the sand's ability to filter?

Answer huh...i'd try using sand in the sand filter and DE in a DE filter for optimum results.A: Yes, D E can interfere with the sands ability to to it's job.