Ohio Traffic Violation Code Information?

Answer Ohio laws for the operation of motor vehicles are outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, Title 45. These codes deal with violations of speeding, failure to stop, reckless driving, and drinking and driv... Read More »

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How to Pay a Traffic Violation?

Speeding, running a red light, and not stopping for a school bus are all considered traffic violations. These citations will warrant points on your driving record and a fine. Fines are payable to t... Read More »

How bad is a Class B traffic violation?

On One Hand: Not The Worst But Not The BestAccording to the Oregon State DMV, a Class B traffic violation is the second-most serious traffic violation that isn't an actual criminal offense. It is n... Read More »

Is a traffic violation a misdemeanor?

Most traffic violations, such as seatbelts, using a cell phone while driving and even speeding tickets, fall in the legal classification of infraction, one step below a misdemeanor. Injury to a per... Read More »

How do I appeal a traffic violation?

Filing an AppealDownload and file a Notice of Appeal within 30 days from the date of conviction. Deliver the appeal in person or by mail to the court that heard the case and the prosecuting attorne... Read More »