Ohio Notary Requirements?

Answer The administration of notaries public is in Ohio a function of the county clerk’s office in the county where the notary resides. The Ohio Secretary of State does maintain a Notary Commission Cler... Read More »

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How much does it cost to become a notary in Ohio?

The cost to become a notary in the State of Ohio is $15. There are three specific types of notaries--non-attorney, attorney and Special Police Commission. The fee for each type is the same.Source:O... Read More »

Will a notary public witness a will in Ohio?

In Ohio, a notary cannot serve as a witness in the signing of a will. The notary's seal and signature merely attest to the validity of the signatures of the parties involved. Signers must produce c... Read More »

How much can a notary charge in the state of Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, notaries may charge $1.50 for affidavits and $.10 for each 100 words for a deposition or other statement, according to the General Provisions of the ORC Governing Notaries Pub... Read More »

What is the test for an ohio public notary?

Applications and tests for becoming an Ohio notary public are administered through each county and the process does vary among the counties. To determine the requirements you need to follow, you mu... Read More »