Oh my goodness any news about the outbreak ...?

Answer No I hadn't heard, but apparently it has got women everywhere upset, so it could be true. I was at a bar in Montreal, actually near Laval University and I asked 3 amply endowed exchange students ... Read More »

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Breaking News Regarding The Swine Flu Outbreak: What Does Level 5 Mean In Layman's Terms?

level 5 means that a pandemic is imminent (bound to happen). prepare yourself and everyone you know. this has spread VERY quickly and is worldwide. i'm going out to buy Lysol I.C. and purell and wi... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family ; NEWS NEWS NEWS :D?

Aww, the letter was super cute. :DThey were probably so sad when they thought the lost and then BAM the unimaginable happens.Haha. d:Yeah, I saw that episode of the After Show.I love the show but i... Read More »

Bbc news who are the news readers on the morning news today?

A "thank goodness nobody saw me!" moment?

Cute story. I was in a similar situation last week but instead of rain, it was wind! Going into the grocery store I always find it easier to park close to the cart return I can load ba... Read More »