Oh my god! Major problem!!!?

Answer tell him now that you lost all your files for school that you're going to get really bad grades and drop out and live at home the rest of your life while they support you. I think if you take your... Read More »

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Major PC problem. How To Fix!!?

You need to Google the motherboard you have and see if you can find the which connection goes where. The Fan that was connected to your heatsink should have been thye same. If you have alot of cabl... Read More »

I have been having an affair, and now I have a major problem?

Please help.! Major computer problem.?

Three most likely possibilities that I've had or read about. Hard drive, graphics card, or screen.A black screen with a blinking white cursor is most likely to be the hard drive. If you can remov... Read More »

Will someone please help me.... major virus problem?

Hello, my name is Dave I think I can help. First get rid of norton. Install "LAVASOFT" to scan your computer. It will tell you the virus and you can take them off yourself. Go to a... Read More »