Oh my god! Major problem!!!?

Answer tell him now that you lost all your files for school that you're going to get really bad grades and drop out and live at home the rest of your life while they support you. I think if you take your... Read More »

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Major PC problem. How To Fix!!?

You need to Google the motherboard you have and see if you can find the which connection goes where. The Fan that was connected to your heatsink should have been thye same. If you have alot of cabl... Read More »

I have a major fruit fly problem?

Fruit flies have red eyes and gnats look like tiny mosquitoes. They are laying eggs in something moist. Might be plant soil, in a drain or in an old potato or onion.A little bit of fruit in a con... Read More »

What was the major problem of the berlin conference?

The major problem of the Berlin Conference is that Great Britain refused to cooperate with Portugal's claim of sovereignty over the area of Africa stretching from Angola to Mozambique. As a result,... Read More »

My friend has this major lice problem?

When I had it my mom found some shampoo the army used online. It was the best! Also lice combs help a bunch. If she can have someone also go through her hair with a comb after she's washed it to he... Read More »