Oh my god! I stung by a stingray fish. What should I do now ?

Answer Go lay in a tub of really hot water. Preferably boiling. It's supposed to help get the venom to dissolve and hopefully, it will give you the worst pain you have ever felt, because if you multiply t... Read More »

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How to Swim With a Stingray?

Many people like to swim in the ocean on tropical vacations. Some people even swim with dolphins, but swimming with stingrays is an exciting and exotic adventure that is safe and fun for the family... Read More »

Stingray Car History?

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was a concept car produced in 1959. It derived from the 1957 Corvette SS, which was an official Chevy entrant into the Sebring 12-Hour race. A ban on manufacturers s... Read More »

Stingray Diet?

Whether you're thinking about keeping a stingray as a pet, or love to spend time with them at a beach, you may be curious about what stingrays eat. Many stingrays are comfortable letting humans fee... Read More »

Stingray Habitats in the Atlantic?

Cousins of the shark known for their long, flat bodies and spearlike tails, stingrays comprise approximately 200 species around the world. The stingray species that live in the Atlantic Ocean make ... Read More »