Oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer?

Answer Que paso ?/Wut? huh???? im confused....what are we talkin about??

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Will this computer be able to run games with a good fps?

If all you want to do is play games on high at 60fps that is extreme overkillif you wanted to save some money you can get way better deals for slightly lower specsgpu change it to a gtx 470/460inte... Read More »

Hey guys!! is anyone is good at computer science Please help me with this issue..!!?

I think what you need is a root password and be a root user, this common in Linux/Unix/BSD (i think new mac os are similar BSD). "Root" user is kinda like the Administrator user in windows.You need... Read More »

What is this song "If I Lay Here....If I Just Lay Here...."?

Chasing Cars by Snow PatrolFrom the album "Eyes Open"

A good friend of mine on here said I should ask this question which I could use your help. Please help?

as soon as youtube wants to work..… born on the bayou- CCR… this day we fight!- megadeth