Oh dear...they saw me coming. Or did they?

Answer Why on earth did you buy a Lexmark ?????

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Tiniest ants EVER - what are they and where are they coming from?

rather than ants it may be springtails (light grey), they like moist areas outside and findtheir way inside

What new movies is called is coming out on ABC family that is about 2 mothers that they picked up the worng baby so they get to finally meet?

Can they see you coming online?

nope have you ever seen it come onto your screen? no right, obviously one of your contacts at some point or the other have signed in offline while you were online, trust me it doesnt, otherwise peo... Read More »

Days of our Lives: Are They really Coming back?

Hi, Carolyn.I'm guessing that you've read this:…If your looking for opinions on the comebacks of the characters, then I am all for it. John and Marlena, Se... Read More »