Of these 3 kinds of computers, which one is best ..........:?

Answer I have a Dell and a Compaq.The Compaq has been brilliant and I would recommend for the price.Not a laptop though.

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Which of these computers to get? suggest this build.1. AMD Gives you more bang for your buck.2. Do not get a graphics card under GTX 650 or HD 7600 if you even want to think about gaming.3... Read More »

Which of these two computers is better?

Nothing wrong with Acer though... if you can save a few hundred buxs go ahead and do it. Personally though I would chose Asus, or Dell for a new laptop. If all you need is email/web... maybe even c... Read More »

Which of these computers is better?

it depends on what exact model of cpu, but from what is currently provided, the HP seems better, but remeber it has less space to store stuff like photos/videos

Which of these two cameras do you like the best BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS ?

There's no law against saving your money you know. Having said that, the DSC-W120 offers the most photographic capability for the money. Of the two, that's the one that I'd get and it's not at all ... Read More »