Of the common senses,in which order do they shut off when one is dying?

Answer I think it varies depending on the reason for dying, but usually taste and smell are first and hearing is the last to go.

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The steps common to the operation of all AEDs in the correct order?

According to, an AED determines the heart rate of a victim in cardiac arrest and, if needed, will shock the victim's heart in an attempt to restore its rhythm to normal.To use an ... Read More »

I have to say shut up to my sister every day how do you get her to shut up without duck tape?

There are many ways:Ignore her; She just wants attention.Bribe herThreaten her; in a harmless wayTell someonePut her somewhere elseOR you can beat her up.

What is wrong if you shut off the electricity at the circuit box and had to shut off a few to find the right circuit to change a fixture and now your pool lights and kitchen ceiling fan do not work?

Sometimes when you shut down a circuit breaker it doesn't go all the way back to the on position. Try shutting them off again, making sure they go fully to the off position then flip them on making... Read More »

Is the iphone 4 gonna be available for pre order and reserve on june 15 2010 or just pre order?

When you pre-order something, you reserve it aswell. It's the same thing.The iPhone 4 is available for pre-order on the 15th.When you pre-order, you are guaranteed to get an iPhone 4 on the 25th.