Of the common senses,in which order do they shut off when one is dying?

Answer I think it varies depending on the reason for dying, but usually taste and smell are first and hearing is the last to go.

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Is dying the same as when they put you to sleep before surgery?

How have you coped in the past when someone has told you they were dying from a disease?

Hi Kat-I am sorry about your friend. I to lost a friend from Aids. it is very hard to watch someone you know and care about go through all of that.. However you have to make the choice as to how fa... Read More »

Can laptops scan even when they are shut down for their scheduled scanning periods?

you know when the computer says "updating computer do not shut down"it doesn't say that because the computer can operate while turned offno

Which Law and Order SVU episode did Elliot and Kathy hook up after they divorce?

Kathy and Elliot first get back together in the episode 'Annihilated' (season 8, episode 20). Subsequently, in the 'Screwed' (season 8, episode 22), Kathy tells Elliot that she is pregnant.