Of course this would happen to me....?

Answer Tea tree oil, persa-10 gel, benzoyl peroxide, moisturizing properly, sulfur, any of these things would help but remember moisturizing oily skin is a must, your skin makes oil because it wants moist... Read More »

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What will happen to your computer screen if you leave it on all night and what will happen to the computer it?

Its OK to do this every once in a while but regular occurrences will lead to screen burn which will ruin your Monitor, over-heating which will burn the elements in your fan and general scorching of... Read More »

What's going to happen?

Im not sure if they will give it to you or you have to pay for it.It probably still from the water damage u probably could get it repaired again

Does anyone else get this way & why does it happen?

I know a girl that has a peculiar allergic reaction to alcohol. She doesn't drink at all because it's to painful. Look up alcohol allergic reaction. I think it's quite rare.Hope this helps and good... Read More »

What would happen if i did this?

It depends. It may kill you , or it may just give you permanent brain damage and you could end up in a nursing home for the rest of your life drooling. If you want to die a better thing to do is ca... Read More »