Odyssey Games That Students Play in School?

Answer The Odyssey by Homer has a plethora of subjects for teenagers to explore, including betrayal, loyalty, politics, war and poetry through character studies, theatrical performances, cartography and t... Read More »

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Games to Play With Students During Down Time?

One of a teacher's greatest fears is completing a lesson five or 10 minutes before recess or dismissal. Without a plan for filling those last few minutes, they can quickly turn into mayhem or just ... Read More »

Games to Get to Know Students for the First Day of School?

Mitigate nervous feelings and shyness by playing a few ice-breaker games to get to know your students on the first day of school. Whether a young child or older high-school student, many children m... Read More »

English Games Students Can Play in Groups?

Group games allow students to practice the skills being taught in a relaxed environment, which can help students find the fun in studying English. Working with classmates also lets a child learn fr... Read More »

Where Can I Find Grammar Games for Students to Play?

Grammar is often the moan-inspiring aspect of language arts instruction. To many, it seems like nothing more than dreary rules often learned by rote and accompanying red marks on papers. To dispel ... Read More »