Odd things happening finger tip on right hand.. help?

Answer Eat jello

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What is wrong with me and why are these things happening?

Are you eating properly, are you drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep? Make sure your body is well rested.

What are some positive things happening to the environment?

It depends. Both of them can download and use over 200,000 applications and access data over a WiFi network, but the iPhone can also access data over a 3G network (AT&T or Verizon), meaning you can... Read More »

Do I have a hacker too many strange things happening.?

Beware of any spam e-mails. Spam volume has been cut by more than half because internet providers pulled the plug on a web hosting firm (Mc Colo) alledgely helping some of the worlds most dastardly... Read More »

How to Make a Short Film Based on Things Happening in Reality?

This article will tell you how to create a short film that's happened around you..