Odd looking bug bite on top of foot.?

Answer Sounds like a spider bite....go to this website and see if you can find a picture of it and then you will know what kind of insect bite it is...…

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Foot swollen from ant bite?

Ice, trust me, it helps. It's going to heal with time but because you keep scratching it it's going to prolong the healing but ice helps.

Mosquito bite on bottom of foot?

Aww that sucks :(Grab a clove of garlic, cut it in half and squeeze it, and rub the mosquito bite with the garlic. Sounds silly but it works..Goodluck x

If you bite your toenails, will a foot grow in your stomache?

ooooooooooooook....... 0_o is this some kinda joke? uh no and if u eat a watermelon seed there wont be any watermelons growing in your stomach either

Weird bite/sting on bottom of foot?

If you are walking around barefoot, it is possible to step on a bee, but you are going to know it. same for spiders, but they wold have to be on their back to bite.It is really impossible to diagno... Read More »