Octopamine Effects on Crustaceans?

Answer There are over 50,000 invertebrate crustacean species in the world. They are consumed by many predators and exhibit a variety of protective behaviors. Many types of neurohormones, such as octopamin... Read More »

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Do crustaceans have gills?

All crustaceans possess gills for respiration. Most crustaceans live in water and include crabs, lobsters, shrimp and crayfish, while less recognized crustaceans include amphipods, barnacles and th... Read More »

Do crustaceans lay eggs?

Female crustaceans lay eggs, which are fertilized externally by the male. These eggs develop and hatch over the course of several days to several weeks. In some cases, the female will carry the egg... Read More »

Are crustaceans insects?

Crustaceans are not insects. Crustaceans belong to the scientific subphylum Crustacea. Insects belong to the subphylum Hexapoda. One difference between the two is the method of breathing. Crustacea... Read More »

Are snails crustaceans?

Snails are mollusks, not crustaceans. The mollusk family includes snails, slugs and clams. Mollusks are invertebrates, and there are a variety of terrestrial and ocean-dwelling species. Examples of... Read More »