Ocean Manipulatives Activities?

Answer Manipulatives are tangible objects that a teacher can give to a student to touch, examine and handle. These learning tools can be used for any academic subject or topic. You can use ocean-themed ma... Read More »

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Math Activities for Manipulatives?

Teachers often use manipulatives for teaching children how to count, add, multiply, and perform other functions of mathematics. The manipulatives themselves can be a variety of items, from teddy be... Read More »

Activities Using Manipulatives With Math?

From following recipes to adding grocery bills, math is a part of our everyday lives. Since it is such a pertinent subject, having a firm understanding of the different mathematical concepts is ess... Read More »

Activities Using Base Ten Manipulatives?

Base ten blocks are math manipulatives used to teach children about place value of numbers. Place value can be taught alone or as a component of addition, subtraction, division, or multiplications.... Read More »

Addition/Subtraction Activities Using Manipulatives?

Hands-on activities that involve manipulatives can help students learn addition and subtraction. Manipulatives enable children to visualize math problems and how to solve a problem from beginning t... Read More »