Ocean Currents & Climate Activities for Middle School?

Answer Most middle school science curricula in the United States include a climate unit. The grade level may differ from state to state and district to district, but the main concepts and standards are t... Read More »

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Ocean Currents Activities for Middle School?

Ocean currents are something many pupils take for granted, just like the tides or erosion. It comes as a shock to many children that the currents are not just caused by wind blowing on the surface ... Read More »

The Effects of the Ocean Currents on the Climate?

Since the 1960s, our knowledge of the world's oceans and its currents has greatly increased. According to the American Institute of Physics, we now know that the circulation and other movements of ... Read More »

How Is Climate Affected by Ocean Currents?

The earth is warmer at the equator than at the poles. This differential heating of the ocean's surface creates a pressure gradient system that sets the ocean in motion. Major ocean currents move in... Read More »

How Do Ocean Currents Affect a Region's Climate?

Oceans play a vital role in determining the earth's climate. Their ability to absorb, transport and release heat is what drives the movement of the atmosphere, producing clouds, wind and rain, says... Read More »