Ocean Animal Science Projects?

Answer Ocean animals live in one of the largest ecosystems on Earth. The ocean is full of choices for science projects involving animals, from fish to mammals to the delicate ocean topography. Students wh... Read More »

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Science Projects on the Ocean?

Oceans play a crucial role in creating and sustaining life - covering approximately 70 percent of the Earth's surface. Consequently, learning about oceans should be a key feature of every child's s... Read More »

Science Projects on the Ocean Floor?

Considering that ocean water covers almost three-quarters of the earth's surface, it is only natural that we are fascinated by the size and mysterious nature of it. Studying the ocean floor provide... Read More »

Ocean Motion for Science Projects?

If you're a budding oceanographer, you're probably looking for a science project that fits your passion for the oceans. One basic aspect of the ocean is its two types of movement: currents and tide... Read More »

Free Science Fair Projects for Middle School on Water or the Ocean?

At the middle school level, the best science fair projects demonstrate something important about the world around us, such as the environment or technology. If you choose to do your science fair pr... Read More »