Occupations That Like to Hire Former Classroom Teachers?

Answer Teachers should consider the skills they have developed from acquiring their teaching degrees and working in schools. If a job asks for a specific set of skills, teachers can use their prior teachi... Read More »

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When do schools hire new teachers?

Schools tend to hire teachers in the late winter and and early spring when applications are coming in from newly certified teachers. Sometimes schools lose teachers at inconvenient times, like in t... Read More »

How to Keep Incompetent Teachers Out of the Classroom?

School administrators must ensure that competent teachers are in the classroom guiding students. An incompetent teacher can prove detrimental for an entire class of students, setting them back acad... Read More »

ESL Strategies for Classroom Teachers?

English as a Second Language students require additional assistance within the classroom to support speaking, reading and writing. The classroom teacher must incorporate strategies that will allow ... Read More »

How Do Teachers Use Smartboards in the Classroom?

Smart Boards are beginning to replace traditional blackboards and even newer whiteboards in some classrooms. They are essentially interactive whiteboards that incorporate computer systems to displa... Read More »