Occupations That Like to Hire Former Classroom Teachers?

Answer Teachers should consider the skills they have developed from acquiring their teaching degrees and working in schools. If a job asks for a specific set of skills, teachers can use their prior teachi... Read More »

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What Are Some Items That Teachers Use in the Classroom?

Teachers use a variety of items in their classrooms. These items can vary considerably based on the grade level and subject the teacher teaches. There are, however, items that the majority of grade... Read More »

How to Understand the Demands That Teachers Face in the Classroom?

The changes and challenges that teachers face in the classroom may not be something they are prepared for, nor had they been taught to deal with while in college. Urban teachers have always had to ... Read More »

Activities That Teachers Can Use to Teach Strategies in the Classroom for Language Arts?

Learning in general and Language Arts education in particular has developed a great deal over the past century. The shift of learning from rote memorization to higher-order thinking allows students... Read More »

When do schools hire new teachers?

Schools tend to hire teachers in the late winter and and early spring when applications are coming in from newly certified teachers. Sometimes schools lose teachers at inconvenient times, like in t... Read More »