Obtaining a condo declaration?

Answer Every owner is entitled to a copy of the governing documents, sometimes referred to as the declaration, or decs. Components can include CC&Rs, covenants, conditions and restrictions and any amendme... Read More »

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Can you sell a condo unit in NYS without condo declaration being recorded?

No. The recording of the declaration of condominium creates the condominium under state laws. A condominium is a creation of law. If no condominium is created then no units can be sold. Condominiu... Read More »

How can a condo declaration be amended?

The right to amend the Declaration, or Master Deed, must be reserved, or set forth, in the Master Deed. You need to review it. Amendments should be drafted by an attorney who specializes in condomi... Read More »

Can a condo declaration be amended?

Yes. Your governing documents are specific about the number of members or percentage of the membership that must vote in favour of any declaration amendment. Usually, a super-majority is required. ... Read More »

Sample of a letter for obtaining a permit for building a balcony in a condo subdivision?

Your governing documents will provide you the guidelines you want. For example, you may be required to include architectural plans, sample building materials, proof that your contractor is license... Read More »