Objects contain methods and data items, which are also known as what (java)?

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Help with objects in java?

Yes, that's right, assuming that computer is a class object declared in another class representing the computer class. You can then use the class object you declared to access the variables within ... Read More »

Java- array of objects?

Ok, mostly what you need to do is decide what information needs to be stored for each state. You create a class named State just as the example below shows a Bicycle class, except that the State cl... Read More »

Can you please explain classes and objects in java?

Classes define objects. An object is a defined set of data and a set of methods that can be applied to that data. See below.

Does memory need to be explicitly allocated to all objects (Java)?

You must explicitly allocate memory for it with the statement:thisBook = new Book();otherwise you have only declared a null reference of type Book.