Objectives of an Operating Plan?

Answer An operating plan is an essential document for all businesses to have in place. The ultimate goal of every business is to earn money. The operating plan details how this will happen. The operating ... Read More »

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Lesson Plan Objectives?

A quality lesson plan can make the difference between what a child retains and what he doesn't. When creating a lesson plan, you should set out to determine how much you expect the children to lear... Read More »

How to Write Lesson Plan Objectives?

As you put the objectives of the course together, follow these logical steps in designing the preparation of lessons.

Content Objectives Vs. Language Objectives?

Effective teachers use both content and language objectives on a daily basis to give students a well-rounded understanding of curriculum areas. Content and language objectives should be stated at t... Read More »

Your husband has medicare and a health plan from his employer which plan should be the primary plan?

Answer Where I work, the employer plan would be secondary and medicare would be primary. It might depend on how the company has it set up but I can't imagine any company today wanting to be the pri... Read More »