Objectives for a Security Officer Worker?

Answer Objectives are a key part of a security officer candidate's resume because they establish the goals of the applicant. Employers seek both qualified and motivated individuals for positions, and obje... Read More »

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Who identifies security cooperation objectives assesses the effectiveness of security cooperation activities and revises goals when required to ensure continued suppor tof US interests abroad?

What are the duties of a security officer or security guard?

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How to Get & Keep Your Security Worker License?

Due to provisions in the Security Services Act, no one in British Columbia may obtain or keep their job as a security worker without obtaining a valid security worker license. Applications are rece... Read More »

How to Become a Bouncer or Nightclub Security Worker?

There are many different ways to gain employment as a bouncer. Some are dangerous, some DO NOT work and others just annoy people off that work at the bar.