Objectives for Teaching Singular and Plural?

Answer People learning English have a difficult time with singular and plural nouns. English as a Second Language teachers recognize what the problem is; nouns are divided into two categories: count and n... Read More »

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Is militia singular or plural?

The word "militia" is singular and denotes one group of citizens or armed forces. "Militias" is the standard word used to describe more than one militia or group. The word comes from the Latin suff... Read More »

Is math singular&plural?

“Math,” like its U.K. equivalent, “maths,” is short for “mathematics.” Mathematics is a singular noun, describing a field of study of knowledge, so math and maths are also both singular... Read More »

Is array singular or plural?

"Array" is a singular noun that means group or arrangement. For example, an array of people was lined up at the ice cream stand. "Array" can also mean beautiful apparel or a group of soldiers.Refer... Read More »

Is child singular or plural?

The word "child" is singular. This means that it represents only one of something. The plural of the word, meaning that it would represent more than one, would be "children."References:Dictionary.c... Read More »