Objectives for Teaching Singular and Plural?

Answer People learning English have a difficult time with singular and plural nouns. English as a Second Language teachers recognize what the problem is; nouns are divided into two categories: count and n... Read More »

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Is none singular or plural?

None can be singular or plural, depending on how it's used. The word is defined as "not one" or "not any." According to the Random House Dictionary, examples of singular and plural usages date back... Read More »

Is personnel singular or plural?

Personnel can be either singular or plural, depending on whether it is being used to describe people acting as separate individuals (the plural form) or people acting as a single group (singular).R... Read More »

Is math singular&plural?

“Math,” like its U.K. equivalent, “maths,” is short for “mathematics.” Mathematics is a singular noun, describing a field of study of knowledge, so math and maths are also both singular... Read More »

Is"headquarters"singular or plural?

The term "headquarters" is a plural noun. It usually refers to an administrative operations office, where a military commander or an organizational leader performs the various duties of command and... Read More »