Oaxacan Food History?

Answer Oaxacan, Mexico is known for its unique and diverse culinary culture. A mixture of flavors in the food comes from a history of both native and European influence. Does this Spark an... Read More »

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What is Oaxacan art?

Oaxaca is one of Mexico's 31 states. It is located in Mexico's southwest, along the Pacific Ocean. Oaxaca is known for its native crafts, though many communities began crafting recently to attract ... Read More »

What is Oaxacan folk?

The villages of Oaxaca, a state in southeast Mexico, are known for their pottery, wood carvings, weaving and tin creations. Descendants of the Mixtec and Zapotec Indians of the late 6th century B.C... Read More »

How Are Oaxacan Art Patterns Created?

The largest group of indigenous Indians in the Western Hemisphere live in Oaxacan villages situated among mountain ranges in Mexico. The artists who create Oaxacan art patterns are descendants of t... Read More »

Culture & History of Mexican Food?

Throughout the history of Mexico, a blending of Spanish and indigenous peoples has brought together elements from distinct regions and cultures. As a result, Mexican food has come to embody an exte... Read More »