Oat Seed Varieties?

Answer Oats have been eaten since at least 2000 B.C. A grass, they were found in Egyptian tombs. Although the term "oatmeal" did not come around until about A.D. 1400, oats have always been used for food,... Read More »

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The Varieties of Seed Potatoes?

For most gardeners, the potato is the first vegetable planted when the garden spot is ready. Come rain or shine, seed potatoes are generally planted on Good Friday. Some potatoes are better for bak... Read More »

Apple Varieties & the Seed Numbers?

Apples are a popular and common fruit, and one of its attractions is that there are so many varieties available. There are dozens of kinds of apples for people to choose from, and each has its own ... Read More »

Field Corn Seed Varieties?

Fortunately for the earliest immigrants in the United States, corn, also known as "maize," is a plant indigenous to the Americas, according to Iowa State University;'s Department of Agronomy. It wa... Read More »

Varieties of Teff Grass Seed?

In Ethiopia, teff grain is a main food crop for people. In the United States, health food markets carry teff flour as a wheat substitute, but most of the teff produced here is harvested before the ... Read More »