OUCH! Need sunburn relief - FAST...?

Answer Try going to a drug store and getting a product that has an aloe vera gel and putting it in the refridgerator before you put it on. That usually works for me!

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Bad sunburn....ouch!!!(need advice plz)?

The gel from an Aloe Vera plant will ease the soreness somewhat plus leave you will a cool sensation on the burned area.The plant has about 15 to 20 succulent leaves growing in an upright dense ros... Read More »

Ouch!!!! Reali bad sunburn ....?

The best thing for sunburn is yoghurt... trust me is the best for this job.. I had a really bud sunburn the previous summer in Greece (I am Greek) and yoghurt make me feel better and my skin didn'... Read More »

Can anyone suggest the best natural relief from toothache Ouch!?

clove oil - available from pharmacies tastes minging but does the job

Best relief for sunburn?

Noxzema works great. Wait peeing on it doesn't work? WTF why would my Mom say that to me?