OTC Stretch Mark Removal for Women?

Answer Stretch marks are flat, discolored scars that form when the skin is stretched too quickly. This can be caused by growth spurts as an adolescent, sudden weight gain or pregnancy. Most OTC stretch ma... Read More »

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Stretch Mark Removal Methods?

Many people throw up their hands in defeat at the first sign of stretch marks. The fact is, some people have remarkable success in preventing, reducing or removing stretch marks. Methods range from... Read More »

How Much Does Stretch Mark Removal Cost?

Stretch marks are ugly and embarrassing. While some women--and many men--view them as the marks of a life well lived or the tokens of pregnancies that should be treasured rather than hidden, most p... Read More »

Best Stretch Mark Removal Method?

Stretch marks can be unsightly, and can be caused by many different kinds of weight gain, including normal growing during childhood or adolescence, pregnancy and general weight gain. There are many... Read More »

What is the Cost of Stretch Mark Removal?

The cost of removing stretch marks depends entirely upon the type of treatment chosen. Stretch mark removal creams can cost around $150 for a six month supply. Stretch mark removal surgery can cost... Read More »