OTC Evap System Tools?

Answer OTC Tools specializes in diagnostic, service and maintenance tools for different industries, including the automotive industry. It is a subsidiary of SPX Corporation, which is headquartered in Char... Read More »

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How to Find & Fix an EVAP Leak?

Vehicles driven on public roadways must typically pass emissions tests before the car can be registered with the state of residence. Emissions exude from the car's exhaust pipe. The fumes are by-pr... Read More »

How Does an EVAP Purge Valve Work?

Fuel injection refers to a system designed to mix fuel with air in a vehicle's internal combustion engine. Part of this system involves the evaporative purge system, which uses an EVAP purge valve ... Read More »

How to Diagnose a Trailblazer EVAP Leak?

It's amazing how a small light on your instrument panel can ruin your day. Your Trailblazer is running fine then the "Check Engine" light appears. The list of causes can make your head spin. This c... Read More »

How to Remove a Ford Evap Hose?

The evap hose on your Ford truck regulates the amount of gas fumes emitted by the engine into the air intake and throttle body. It is a vital part to controlling the pollution emitted by your vehic... Read More »