OSHA Allowable Oxygen Levels?

Answer The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines allowable oxygen levels in the 1910.146 standard. The standard is often used in conjunction with confined space entry to determine w... Read More »

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OSHA Standards for the Storage of Portable Oxygen Cylinders?

Oxygen cylinders can be found on nearly any construction site, but they are also used by small businesses and homeowners. Oxygen cylinders are most commonly used with metal welding and cutting tool... Read More »

What controls oxygen levels in the body and breathing role?

I think Haemoglobin. That is why people with more Haemoglobin are considered more healthy and atheletic.

Does supplemental oxygen increase blood glucose levels?

Yes, supplemental oxygen does effect blood glucose positively. It helps control blood sugar levels in those with impaired glucose levels. Supplemental oxygen also is beneficial to pregnant women an... Read More »

What are the normal levels of pH conductivity dissolved oxygen in farm ponds?

To adequately sustain fish and aquatic life, the pH levels in a farm pond should normally range between 6.5 and 9.5, and the nighttime dissolved oxygen levels should not fall below 3 or 4 parts per... Read More »