OMR machine problem repair pls help?

Answer This site will help with the hard questions. It is very good and free.…This site is also good and free… Hey, I e... Read More »

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Technical problem for Canon machine?

I think we'd be more helpful if we knew:1. What's the problem? When does it happen? Please describe indetail.2. What Canon machine? Digital camera? Printer? Copier? Model #? How old it it? ... Read More »

Sewing machine brother xl 5500 bobbin problem?

I'll bet you're not hanging on to the thread ends before you start a seam. Clean the bobbin and bobbin case area, and under the needleplate (=throatplate). Rethread from scratch, making sure the pr... Read More »

Canon MX318 Scanning problem direct from the machine?

Try scanning through the canon software. Open the software and find scan.

How to Clear a Problem With a Self Checkout Machine As a Customer?

Self checkout machines are great. They provide a way for you to checkout your order yourself without squeezing in with the crowds. However, sometimes the machine will halt your order for no reason ... Read More »