OMR machine problem repair pls help?

Answer This site will help with the hard questions. It is very good and free.…This site is also good and free… Hey, I e... Read More »

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Technical problem for Canon machine?

I think we'd be more helpful if we knew:1. What's the problem? When does it happen? Please describe indetail.2. What Canon machine? Digital camera? Printer? Copier? Model #? How old it it? ... Read More »

How to Clear a Problem With a Self Checkout Machine As a Customer?

Self checkout machines are great. They provide a way for you to checkout your order yourself without squeezing in with the crowds. However, sometimes the machine will halt your order for no reason ... Read More »

Canon MX318 Scanning problem direct from the machine?

Try scanning through the canon software. Open the software and find scan.

Sewing machine brother xl 5500 bobbin problem?

I'll bet you're not hanging on to the thread ends before you start a seam. Clean the bobbin and bobbin case area, and under the needleplate (=throatplate). Rethread from scratch, making sure the pr... Read More »