OMG! this is kinda just warning you now..?

Answer thanks for the warning even though it did'nt do much lol.

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This is just a warning?

I already knew. I've been trying to warn people for years but no one seems to listen to me. I haven't personally copy and paste the link but somebody's else warn me. It doesn't matter how much you ... Read More »

A question for my female contacts ONLY! Guys...DO NOT click on this question!! WARNING!! WARNING!!?

Damn you! I thought this was going to be a sexy female problem question where half of the ladies answered with some form of "Occulty"

When i turned my computer on this morning irs gone a kinda yellowy colour.Anyone know how i can sort this.Im?

Here are the possibilities:Shut off your computer. Make sure all your cables are tight. Your cable from the video card to the monitor, and the monitor power cable.Your video card (if not onboard vi... Read More »

Is it just me or do you think Icy Hot smells kinda like?

You are totally right!wow!I always knew it smelt like something....