OMG, my friend "hacked" into my FB?

Answer Aha, who cares sweetie? half of the time people don't even remember what happens on facebook, unless it's really big. Whatever. My friends and I do that to each other all the time. Except it's a bi... Read More »

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Who hacked into the US military?

a) Mathew Broderick in the movie War Games, nearly triggering a global thermonuclear war. b) Gary McKinnon, who used a crappy Perl script to find loads of low grade US military computer that no-on... Read More »

Someone hacked into my email...?

Well if you can't recover your email through the recovery options then you may have lost it. If I was you I would be asking myself how did I get hacked? Not likely that someone just guessed you log... Read More »

Who hacked into the US military in the eighties?

No you cannot...depending on the severity of the infraction you may stand a chance with the Marines.

My ex has hacked into my hotmail account?

Keystroke recording software will e-mail all your keystrokes to an e-mail address. So it doesnt matter if you dont share the computer anymore. Setting up a new account will only give him the new ... Read More »