OMG, how can I get rid of this headache?

Answer Hi dog sneeze...Ah, headaches. I'm afraid that I'm an expert. Have you been told by an MD that you are having true migraines? If so, there are a number of medications specific to migraines that can... Read More »

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Is this a headache or more?

I think even tho' someone who says they're a doctor says this is dehydration; which it well could be; that you definitely should still go to your doctor and make sure there is nothing going on. hea... Read More »

Omg help me get rid of this headache?

drink lots of water and then go to sleep cut out caffine and hope you feel better soon.

How to get rid of this migraine headache?

Tight neck muscles cause your migraines. The muscles go to the top of your head where they connect to muscles going around your head. When the neck muscles get tight they pull the head muscles in... Read More »

What can cause this headache?

It could be due to dehydration, but another thought could be when was the last time you had your eyes checked. I don't think its a tumor as other user posted.