OMG help me!!! Is my computer brokenim soosos worried!!?

Answer try wiggling the cord where it plugs into your it a video card or is it part of puter?.sounds like maybe your card died..or maybe the monitor.does the monitor work on your other comput... Read More »

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Plz help im really worried?

You could have the same problem I have and be allergic to "xantines"They are the central nervous system exciters from coffee, black tea and cocoa called caffeine, theophyline and threominbine respe... Read More »


Better get a blood test to check for anemia. I have it constantly and that's how I know it's there again. Get better soon :)

Should i be worried?

omg yesgo 2 docter right awaythere could b somthin wrongmine?;…

Please help!!!! I'm worried?

If you start bleeding you should stop.This can mean you're tearing the inside lining of your vagina and that's never good. The increased amount of blood could mean that you haven't given the wall l... Read More »