OMG, braces AND palate expander Ahhh!?

Answer Omg that sounds miserable. I'm sorry, but hang in there, it will get better!

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What to do when your palate expander falls out?

you glue it back dudeuse the non toxic ^^har di har har

Palate expander! Does it change ur face Help!?

No, you'll be fine. I had one in 5th grade, and they're not that bad. The cranking doesn't hurt. The first day with it might hurt a little but it'll get better. A common side effect, however, is ge... Read More »

Does everyone have to get spacers or an expander before getting braces?

I got a spacer, without getting braces. its like if there is 3 teeth but the one in the middle fell out, and its growing back, the two beside it will also grow and take over that space, so it holds... Read More »

What percent my unborn baby to have cleft palate if i am a mother that have cleft palate?