OMG!! People eat PRAWNS! What the hell?

Answer Yes, many people eat prawns. The reason many people eat prawns is because the taste delicious, especially when served cold with a spicy cocktail sauce!This is one of the wonderful luxuries of livi... Read More »

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Why the hell do people keep asking dumb questions?

Because that's what is all about ;)

Why the hell would people think the Holocaust was a hoax?

Because people are a**holes.And they are ignorant, stupid, and just. . . ugh. I can't stand people who think it was a hoax. It was a hoax that killed my family? Right. . .

Why are so many people so hell bent on making their babies independent?

I sure as hell am not! They are only small for so long...but i have the advantage of experience when it comes to that realization. i have two that are 13 and 11, and two that are 3 and 1 1/ i... Read More »

How many people have been blocked or banned by our resident Mother-in-law from hell on here?

Nope, not been blocked, but I do tell her like it is. The woman is an insane control freak.