OMG...... My DAD IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer I have norton and it works for me so it should just take the virus out. good luck.

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Is the swine flu going to KILL US ALL?

Don't believe everything you hear. Some people are just over exaggerating because they have nothing better to do... Don't worry too much about it, just stay your distance from people who have bee... Read More »

Is swine flu going to kill us all?

The swine flu outbreak has many people worried and confused.Swine flu can cause a range of symptoms, including: * Fever and chills * Cough * Headache * Sore throat * Body aches * ... Read More »

I think I'm going to kill myself!!!!?

see a doctor, he/she might be able to but a vagina ring in which will stop your period because its not worth the pain. tell your mum you have to see a doctor because you cant move and in alot of pa... Read More »

Where to hide if your dad is going to kill you?

Wait for him behind a corner with a knife... And kill him when he doesn't expect it.Are you being serious? If you are, grab the phone, hide somewhere like in a bin or behind your school (?) and dia... Read More »