OMG. Im so badly freaking out someone PLEASE HELP ME (my teeth)?

Answer Okay first of all calm down. second of all you might need implants its sounds like your teeth have decayed to the point where they are falling out,or the roots are gone in which case they might do... Read More »

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Freaking out about wisdom teeth removal?

Realize that the Dentist is a trained Physician. They won't do something deliberately to hurt you. As the old saying goes, "nothing to it but to do it." you'll do great. You'll go in for the proced... Read More »

I'm getting teeth(not wisdom) pulled tomarrow! i want to know if its painful! i'm freaking out!!!!!! plz help!?

Calm down. You'll be fine. You'll be put to sleep and you won't have a clue about what's going on. When you wake up, you'll be numb and they'll give you pain meds to take when the numbing wears off... Read More »

My teeth hurt =/ insanely badly ?

Call your dentist, my dear - he probably can help.

I had all my front teeth crowned, before I never had any pain but now when i drink cold water they hurt badly?

Please explain why you need more root canals done when you've already had sixty?