OMG! I totally need your help!!!!?

Answer How old are you? No that diet is not going to work. People think if they starve themselves they are going to lose weight. Well they are wrong. You will lose weight but when you start eating aga... Read More »

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Have you ever been totally drunk?

Well here's the winner.Do you mean like blacked out drunk? Yes,many times.I have been told things I did when I was wasted ,and never remembered a thing about it!!! The BEST ONE was when I was in co... Read More »

What totally freaks you out in a bad way?

Those big scary snakes that like to eat poor defenceless Toads.

Can there be any twins who totally looks different?

Of course; identical twins are fertilized from the same sperm and egg, whereas fraternal twins are fertilized from different sperm and egg; thus, fraternal twins would resemble each other no more t... Read More »

How to Be Totally Chill?

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