OMG, I think I just got attacked by a virus! HELP?

Answer Only run one scan at a time. You really should have no need to worry. AVG will have repaired this. If you want to be absolutely sure, start the machine in safe mode. Open AVG from the desktop, sele... Read More »

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Your getting some poor answers here, first off you have a rogue program on your PC, no AV will remove this, run:…then download:http://www.superantispyware.... Read More »

Virus attacked my computer then appear icon named wincrack.what is the best anti virus can solve this problem.?

WinCrack Removal Instructions Kill the following processeswincrack.exe Remove the following, wincrack.cpp, wincrack.exe.A free online scan may be able to do all that for you.http://www... Read More »

HELP! I think my computer has got a virus or something!!! PLEASE HELP!?

Your PC is infected with a smitfraud trojan. Go here to remove it free.Or,you can make a donation if you like.…Or,

Help my pc screen is reversed i think i just pressed something help me?

Try holding shift and then pressing the up arrow. If that does not work right click your desktop and figure it out from there' it's not hard.