OMG, I am close to L3. What will my contacts think of me?

Answer How sad, how very sad!

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Have you ever been so happy with your contacts that you think "I love my contacts, but in a non-sexual way"?

why did you have to tell me this? now things are going to get awkward between us.

What happens when you close your eyes too long while wearing contacts?

nope, nothing horrible happens--but you're not supposed to sleep in them cuz there's a slight chance that they may irritate your eyes and screw up your vision,but thats only if you are sleeping wit... Read More »

How close are you with your contacts?

I don't really have many contacts but I do have some severe insomnia (hence being awake at 4am) ! Add me

Who do you think will win American Idol 2010. Please add one to the count under the name of the person you think will win I will remove each person who is kicked off the show.?